Clackamas Basin Projects

Stewardship and Restoration Projects in the Clackamas River Basin

The stewardship authority was created by Congress to give the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management the authority to “to perform services to achieve land management goals for the national forests and the public lands that meet local and rural community needs.” Stewardship contracting allows for national forests to achieve ecological restoration goals while also providing economic benefits to local communities¹

Stewardship contracts has enabled Clackamas Stewardship Partners to identify and recommend funding for restoration and stewardship projects throughout the Clackamas River Basin. Stewardship authorization’s purpose is to implement on the ground restoration projects. Collaborative groups such as CSP are involved with developing Stewardship sales and making prioritized Clackamas Basin Retained Receipts project funding recommendations. Forest Service field staff engage in collaboration when conducting stewardship contracting activities.

Between 2009 and 2017, CSP recommended Retained Receipts funding for restoration projects in the Basin totaling over $2,912,700. In 2019, CSP recommended 12 projects for full or partial funding.

Retained Receipts Projects Recommended for Funding by CSP

Check out the Clackamas Partnerships’ project tracker and web map of additional stream habitat projects in the Clackamas River Basin.