About Us


The Clackamas Stewardship Partners (CSP) is a group of diverse stakeholders dedicated to restoring ecological function of the Clackamas River Basin while benefiting local economies. Discussions of forming a collaborative group began in the summer of 2004 when members of the Clackamas Ranger District of the Mt. Hood National Forest, the Clackamas River Basin Council, and members of the Clackamas County Economic Development Commission began to explore the possibilities of using the new Stewardship Contracting Authority to drive restoration and create jobs in Clackamas County. After several months of independently gathering support from a wide range of stakeholders, Clackamas County arranged a meeting for these stakeholders to come together for a collaborative planning effort.

In the years following the initial meeting, CSP has worked steadily to bring it mission to life on the ground. The group has resolved conflicts over forest thinning projects that would have otherwise been litigated, building trust and understanding between the diversity of members at the table.

Highlights and Accomplishments

Stewardship Contracting has enabled CSP to promote approximately $6,000,000 of job-creating restoration projects in the Clackamas River Basin during the five-year period 2006-2010, an annual average of $1,200,000. Since 2009, CSP has recommended funding over $825,000 worth of restoration projects using retained receipts generated by commercial timber harvest from second-growth forest stands on the Mount Hood National Forest. Recommended projects have included improving and expanding habitat for salmon and other aquatic species of concern, road repair and decommissioning of unneeded roads, repair of sites damaged by inappropriate off-highway vehicle recreation, enhancement of peregrine falcon nest sites, and vegetation treatments to increase the production of culturally important huckleberries.

CSP Operations Handbook

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