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Our Purpose and Goals

Clackamas Stewardship Partners (CSP) is a collaborative group of stakeholders that work with public employees and private property owners on forestry opportunities and challenges in the Clackamas Basin. Stewardship contracting and other innovative tools are utilized to enhance forest health and provide sustainable economic benefits for local communities. CSP’s strength is in the broad knowledge and experience that its members bring to collaborative processes.

Coordination with US Forest Service:

CSP works closely with the Mt. Hood National Forest on projects that have included improving and expanding habitat for salmon and other aquatic species of concern, road repair and decommissioning of unneeded roads, repair of sites damaged by inappropriate off-highway vehicle recreation, enhancement of peregrine falcon nest sites, and thinning projects to increase resistance to insects and wildfire.

Diversity of Participation:

• Local Government
• Conservation Groups
• Commercial Timber Industry
• Federal Agencies
• Hunting and Wildlife Groups
• State University
• Environmental Organizations
• Watershed Council

Questions or Comments?

Contact: Robert Roth – CSP Facilitator
Phone: 503-657-9112 (landline)
Email: robertrothcsp@gmail.com

Meeting Information

CSP meets the 2nd Tuesday afternoon of every month. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic all meetings are held virtually. If you are interested in attending a meeting please contact Robert Roth, CSP Facilitator, for more information.