Welcome to the Clackamas Stewardship Partners (CSP)

Vision Statement

Enhance ecosystem health and economic viability of local communities within the Clackamas River Basin. We are committed to a collaborative process that employs stewardship contracting and other innovative tools to meet restoration goals.

What We Do and Why We Do It

At a strategic planning retreat on November 12, 2013, the Clackamas Stewardship Partners identified the following three items as important roles played by the collaborative group:
1) Provide recommendations to the US Forest Service (USFS) on National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) processes that lead to stewardship contract[s], which includes recommendations on retained receipts and goods for services;
2) Help shape other USFS project planning processes (e.g. roads) and facilitate adaptive management; and
3) Provide a collaborative forum for the balanced exchange of information among diverse


The next regularly scheduled full-group, public meeting of the Clackamas Stewardship Partners will take place on Tuesday, January 13, 2014. Please contact Robert “Bob” Roth, CSP Facilitator (503-657-9112; robertrothcsp@gmail.com) for meeting time and location. Click here to download the agendas for the Projects Committee and General Meetings.

CSP Operations Handbook

Click here to download the most recent version of the CSP Operations Handbook, which was last revised on December 13, 2011.

Quick Links

Clackamas River Salmon and Steelhead:
Click here to view the daily counts of salmon and steelhead migrating up the Clackamas River (courtesy of Portland General Electric).

Clackamas River Water Quality:
Click here to view water quality data for the Clackamas River (courtesy of the United States Geological Survey and Clackamas River Water Providers).

National Watershed Condition Classification:
Click here to access the national Watershed Condition Classification Interactive Map (courtesy of the United States Forest Service).

Questions? Please contact Robert “Bob” Roth, CSP Facilitator (503-657-9112; robertrothcsp@gmail.com).

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